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Youth Development and Career Counselling

Youth Development and Career Counselling

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Level Up Your Skills: Launch Your Dream Career with IntellAct's Campus to Corporate Program

University flies by. Graduation’s here, and suddenly, the “real world” looms. But fear not! IntellAct’s Campus to Corporate program is your personalized launchpad to a thriving career.

The modern job market craves diverse skills, and let’s face it, textbooks don’t always prepare you for the fast-paced world of work. Did you know that in 2023, the youth unemployment rate in Pakistan jumped to 10.01%? That’s a lot of talented young adults looking for the right fit. We bridge that gap, empowering graduates to not only land their dream job but excel in it too.

Our Offerings Include:

Unleash Your Potential:

Our program is unlike any other. It’s a dynamic journey of self-discovery fueled by the powerful MBTI personality assessment. This tool unveils your unique strengths and helps you navigate the professional landscape with confidence.

Master the Art of Getting Hired:

Crafting a killer resume? Perfecting your interview skills? We’ve got you covered. Our expert coaches will transform you into a resume-writing pro and equip you with interview techniques that land you top positions.

Become a Workplace Rockstar:

But success is about more than just getting hired. We’ll equip you with the soft skills that make a real difference. Learn how to build a powerful online presence, cultivate a winning attitude, and thrive in a collaborative work environment.

The Future is Now:

IntellAct doesn’t just prepare you for today’s workplace, we equip you for the future. We’ll introduce you to cutting-edge concepts like Design Thinking, AI tools, and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) – knowledge that will set you apart in the competitive job market.

Don’t be another statistic. IntellAct is your springboard to success!

Unleash your excellence with IntellAct and let’s turn your potential into a success story. Enroll in IntellAct’s Campus to Corporate program today and take your first step towards a bright career.

Unlock Your Potential: Chart Your Course with Expert Career Counselling

Navigate the complexities of career planning with clarity and confidence through our comprehensive and affordable counseling sessions. We tailor guidance to individual needs, ensuring alignment with personal aspirations and financial considerations. Explore diverse career options with insights into industries, job roles, and emerging trends, setting the stage for a fulfilling career journey.

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B-144, Block 11, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi

Founded in 2006 by the visionary educator, Muhammad Saad Masud, IntellAct Consultants embodies a revolutionary teaching philosophy that transcends conventional boundaries. Departing from rote learning, IntellAct champions a holistic approach, emphasizing profound comprehension and practical application of concepts to foster engaging and enlightening learning experiences.

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