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External Academic Audit

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Excel Through Scrutiny: External Academic Audits by IntellAct

Ensure quality and adherence to standards with IntellAct's impartial evaluations of academic programs and services. Our audits support institutions in continuous improvement efforts, fostering accountability and transparency within the educational community. Employing various tools and methodologies, we provide actionable recommendations for enhancing educational quality and institutional credibility.

Objectives of External Academic Audit:

The main goal of offering external academic audit services is to conduct an impartial and objective evaluation of an institution’s academic programs and services. This entails assessing the quality and effectiveness of educational offerings, pinpointing areas for improvement, and ensuring alignment with the institution’s academic standards, policies, and regulations.

Our Offerings Include:

To achieve the goals of external academic audits, we employ various tools and methodologies:

Policy and Procedure Review:

This involves a comprehensive evaluation of an institution’s academic policies and procedures, covering governance structures, curriculum development processes, assessment procedures, and other relevant policies to ensure compliance with best practices and regulations.

Faculty Qualifications and Performance Assessment:

Evaluating faculty qualifications and performance is essential. This includes assessing credentials, teaching evaluations, scholarly activities, and professional development to ensure a competent and effective teaching staff.

Student Outcomes Evaluation:

Assessing student performance outcomes provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of academic programs, aiding in the identification of areas for improvement and supporting student success.

Qualitative Data Collection:

We gather feedback from students, faculty, and other stakeholders through surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gain insights into the effectiveness of academic programs and services.

Data Analytics:

Leveraging data analytics tools helps in evaluating student performance, financial data, and other key performance indicators to identify trends and patterns requiring further investigation.

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B-144, Block 11, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi

Founded in 2006 by the visionary educator, Muhammad Saad Masud, IntellAct Consultants embodies a revolutionary teaching philosophy that transcends conventional boundaries. Departing from rote learning, IntellAct champions a holistic approach, emphasizing profound comprehension and practical application of concepts to foster engaging and enlightening learning experiences.

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